Mission: Support and promote development of market-based agricultural sector as core for overall development of Ukrainian economy.

Mission: General overview of the situation in the sphere of corruption in Ukraine, specific legislation aimed at its counteraction, and identifying potential lobbying activities in this regard.

Mission: Active participation in the Ukrainian banking system development and promotion of high quality banking standards and values as well as support and development of initiatives of the Ukrainian government and local banking association towards establishment of local banking environment harmonized with the best international banking practices.

Mission: To improve antimonopoly regulation in Ukraine in accordance with international standards in order to promote economic competition and facilitate doing business.

Mission: To bring together interested Chamber Member Companies for discussion of regulation issues of consumer goods, such as cosmetics, detergents, etc.

Mission: To contribute to development of the customs legislation that would be simple, modern, adaptable, realistic and tangible and to develop a professional Forum for discussion of the customs issues.

Mission: To promote the further development and modernisation of Ukraine’s energy sector by attracting investment, in support of the vision of a more energy self-reliant Ukraine.

Mission: Ensure sustainable development of market-based Food & Beverage Industry as a reliable and efficient supplier of quality products both for domestic and international consumers.

Mission: To establish competitive landscape for development of healthcare sector by supporting and developing the initiatives of Presidential Administration, Parliament and Government of Ukraine as well as contributing to forming the transparent and efficient regulatory system.

Mission: To encourage the participation of the Chamber Members in an organized policy to promote Hospitality & Tourism related issues in Ukraine.

Mission: Sharing experience, knowledge and skills with other HR professionals; promoting the professional development of Members through exposure to new knowledge, skills and information resulting in the enrichment of the personnel function within Member’s respective organizations; increasing awareness of HR throughout the American Chamber of Commerce Membership.

Mission: To ensure the dialogue of Chamber Members – market participants – and policy-makers of all levels, including those from the Parliament of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, certain Ministries and state agencies with a goal of defining absolutely transparent and beneficial rules of game for both the participants of economic activity in infrastructure sphere and the state.

Mission: Contribute to development of comprehensive legal and institutional framework related to the issues of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement; promote innovations and creativity in Ukraine.

Mission: To improve the environment for the further development of a sustainable and well-regulated Information Technologies sectors in Ukraine.

Mission: To address systemic legal issues through proactive development of legislative proposals, improving enforcement practices and awareness raising on best practices among the judges and other stakeholders.

Mission: To provide a platform not only to discuss existing issues within the industry, but also to leverage the combined experience and presence of Chamber Member Companies with marketing and media interests.

Mission: Improving the environment for the further development of a sustainable and well-regulated Mobile Telecom sector in Ukraine

Mission: To advocate for transparency and stability on Ukrainian renewable energy market, creating favorable and fair business climate as well as incentives to invest in renewables both for domestic and international companies

Mission: To unite representatives of international retail and create a one voice position in the dialogue with key stakeholders as well as to create conditions for the rise in Ukraine’s retail e-commerce following the global trends

Mission: To establish an efficient and predictable regulatory system to ensure the clear and transparent admission of novel crops and agrochemicals to the agricultural market.

Mission: To promote the reform and improved application of the taxation system in Ukraine, recognizing that a predictable, equitable and effective tax system is a significant factor both in the general facilitation of business and in the positive development of the Ukrainian economy