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How do I apply for Membership?

How much are Membership Dues?

Membership Dues are based on the worldwide number of employees working for the company.

Corporate «A» Organization with more than 100 employees worldwide $3,900 per year
Corporate «B» Organization with between 20 and 99 employees worldwide $2,500 per year
Corporate «C» Organization with less than 19 employees worldwide $1,700 per year
Donor Funded Only for technical assistance projects that are being implemented in Ukraine with donor funding, such as USAID or TACIS, and duly registered with the Ministry of Economy. $1,500 per year
Educational Institutions Non-donor funded accredited universities; no training, language or other "educational" providers in this category $750 per year

Membership dues paid in local currency (UAH) are calculated at NBU rate on the date of payment.

Membership dues for the new members are billed on a quarterly prorated basis throughout the calendar year.

A onetime registration fee of USD 500 is charged to each new successful Chamber applicant.

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Committees and Working Groups are Chamber drivers of policy-related issues and there is an expectation by the Board of Directors that all Members will participate actively in at least one Committee providing expertise and support.

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* We as an organization applying for Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine are familiar with and agree to abide by Chamber's Guiding Principles for a Business Code of Conduct.